Sunday 2017.09.24 01:27:03am

New panic in South East Asia 'Super Malaria'

The rapid spread of 'Super malaria' in Southeast Asia has warned worldwide that it has become a terrible threat, scientists have warned. 'Super malaria' is a dangerous version of malaria germs, which is not currently cure for the major drugs currently present in malaria disease. This 'super malaria' was first seen in Cambodia. Later, its germs spread to southern Thailand, Laos ...Read More

Huawei's four camera's MyMang 6 open

The Chinese company Huawei opened the September 22nd Maimang 6 ...Read More

The criminals can join the Rohingya clique

After the recent violence in Myanmar as the United Nations, ...Read More

Suuiche extreme humiliation!

UNICEF, the second largest trade union in the United Kingdom, has suspended the repute by suspending Myanmar ruling party leader Aung San Suu Kyi. In addition, several companies have indicated ...Read More

India has churned pepper powder, stan grenades to prevent Rohingya

India is taking such a tough step to prevent Rohingya from the eastern border of Bangladesh. The Hindu-majority country, India's border security forces are already trying to evacuate about 40,000 Rohingyas ...Read More

Google contract price increases HTC

Shares of the company increased 9.96 percent on Friday, according to Reuters report. On Thursday, Google announced its agreement with the company to buy HTC's Pixel Smartphone division. The US web ...Read More

Jironara face Barcelona in the final against Zerona

Messi will be playing against Bangladesh in the one-day internationals tonight. The team's new recruiter, Usman Dembell, was knocked out of the field for 4 months due to injury. Rafinaho ...Read More

Check out some of the shortcut words used during chatting

The present world is called the virtual world. As a medium of communication, we use electronic devices. Facebook, Twitter, and various social media and SMSs always communicate with each other. ...Read More

Messi's new Ai feature

From now on, users will see animated GIFs, 'Suggestions', 'Suggestions', the US magazine Fortune published a report in a report. With that, 'yes', 'no' or 'I think so' - the ...Read More