6,000 marriage proposals for Prabhas!

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6,000 marriage proposals for Prabhas!
South Indian hero Prabhash Singh is the India's biggest star at the moment for the 'Bahubali' picture of SS Rajmoula. This unmarried star's fame is so much that for him the proposal of marriage is getting on the line. And whether or not it is, Prabhushi is now India's most popular Bachelor. Prabhas has already got 6000 wedding offers.
This proposal has come to Prabhas in the last five years. Prabhas received these offers in shooting of 'Bahubali: The Biging' and 'Bahubali 2: The Conclusion'.
But Prabhas gave all the proposals back. One word in his mouth - 'Bahubali' is not a marriage until the end. Now he has no way to excuse! Times of India