Rumors about the mother: Kareena

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Rumors about the mother: Kareena

Kareena is not shooting for a long time, not participating in any event. Controversy continues between the sensor board and the producers of the release of Kareena starrer 'Flying Punjab'. Kareena Kapoor was not found in any of this.

Suddenly went to London And in all this, there was a rumor in Bollywood movie, Kareena Kapoor Khan is going to be a mother.

Because of the silence of the family of Kareena and Saif, these rumors started spreading stalks. But Katya himself has cut rumor sticks.

Kareena, India's news agency PTI, said, "If God wants, we will definitely be a mother." I am a woman But at the moment I have nothing to say about this. '

Kareena and Saif Ali Khan got married in 2012. It was Saif Ali Khan's second marriage to Karine, although it was the first marriage. Earlier Saif had tied up with Amrita Singh. 10-year-old Kareena, 45-year-old Saif

Kareena Kapoor starrer 'What And Ka' was released on April 3 last. The box office success has been successful. Arjun Kapoor was with Kareena.

Another portrait of Kareena is waiting for the release of 'Flying Punjab'. However, due to the complexity of the sensor, the film's release has been stuck. The film certification board's conflict with Indian filmmakers

The film is about to release on June 17. However, the picture still did not receive the sensor certificate. The film was directed by Abhishek Choubey.