The Rock is interested in India tour

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The Rock is interested in India tour

The Hollywood stars are now coming to India. A few days ago, the 'Fast and Furious' star turned actor Vin Diesel. The Rock, starring Dwayne Johnson, is said to be coming to India. Of course, he wants to come to India for the promotion of the forthcoming film 'Bewache', not for the trip.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has starred alongside Beawatch Johnson. The movie, 'Quantico', has already started promoting the film 'Beawatch' in Mumbai. In such a promotional event, Johnson sent a video message directly to Priyanka. According to NDTV news reports, Johnson admitted that he did not come to India with Priyanka in the video message, saying, "I am very sorry for not being there with you. I and Priyanka have been talking about this for a few months. If I come to India, then it will be the first time that India will come to India. I can not wait for him. I wish I could stay with you now!

Apart from this, Priyanka, as an actress, also likes Dwayne Johnson, in the video message. Johnson said, 'I want to say that this video is actually supposed to be broadcast at a big press conference. Because, now I will talk about someone who is very special to me. He is someone who is incredibly talented. Priyanka Chopra You are the best I love you I am sure that I am able to create shame in your eyes. '

Besides, the former Wrestling champion said to fans, "In the last few years, whether it's my WWE or movie journey, you have given me love and support in everything. Thank you so much. I look forward to a day when I will come to this great country and say hello to you. Besides, I can tell you my gratitude. '

A new trailer was also released in the program. The film is directed by Seth Gordon. In addition to Priyanka and Johnson, Jack Effron, Alexandra Daddrey and others have also starred in 'Beawatch'. The name of Priyanka Character in the film Victoria Leeds The film will be released on June 2 this year.