Priyanka will make a photo with Rabindranath's first love

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This time, the first love of Rabindranath's film will make a picture of Bollywood's heartthrob hero Priyanka Chopra. His initial plan for this is also in the final phase. The name of the film has been fixed as 'Nalini'.

National Award winning director Ujjwal Chattopadhyay has directed the film 'Escape from Taliban'. Sagarika Chattopadhyay arranged the story. Priyanka is himself a good surveillance for writing scripts.

A group of Rabindranath and journalists have been involved in the story of the story. Director Ujjwal Chattopadhyay said, the photo

The story goes forward with the first love of Rabindranath's life. At that time the poet's age is 18. In Sholapur, Panduaram Thackeray's daughter Annapurna took responsibility for teaching English to the poet.

Annapurna's age was only 20 Nilanayana Oxford-Passion In the costume-the whole mate in self-care. Rabindranath-Annapurna became involved with the love of the day. In the desire of the girl, the name of the Marathi girl Annapurna named 'Nalini'.

He wrote songs about him, 'Listen to the Nailini Open the Go ... ...'. There was no one in the news of that - or was not aware. Love did not last. The father of the poet asked him to send him to the bill. Annapurna was married to a British professor named Harold Littleland. But he could not forget Rabindranath. It is also published in some cases.

The story of the film begins, in 2017. When Edinburgh researcher John Hamm came to India in search of Nalini. From here, the photo will fly flashback. Ever since it will return

Photo work will start in October-November. Marathi actress Sonali Kulkarni can be the role of Nalini However, who will be acting in the film, it is still not fully confirmed, said Bollywood