Prabhas demanded 30 crore rupees!

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After 'Bahubali 1' and 'Bahubali II', Prabhas, who has virtually become the new heartthrob of the country. It is known that after the release of Bahubali 1, Prabhas received 6 thousand offers in the last five years. And he has turned all the proposals back to work. However, the marriage proposal is not a record, but the claim is the claim that the hero. Prabhas took a package of 20 to 25 crores during 'Bahubali'. But after releasing these two pictures, he is now claiming thirty million crores of cinema.

Parvatelugu Nayak Prabhas' claims of a close source, recently he increased his salary by five million

Twenty-three million have done. Along with claiming this amount of remuneration, he has now written a list of top local stars in the country.

The film compilators have earned a lot of good from 'Bahubali 2'. Director SS Rajamouli received 28 crores for this photo, Prabhas A team's second highest earnings. Rana Dagguba, who played the role of Vallaladeva, got 15 million Tammana Bhatia and Anushka Shetty received a check of five crore rupees in the lead role of women. Ramija Krishnan won the role of Shivbhangi, got 25 million and won two crore for his character in the film Sataraaj.

In spite of running the 10th IPL at the moment, the success of Bahubali-2 has not been so low. Rajamoula's 'Bahubali-2' has been recorded as the first Indian movie to enter into a thousand crore club. Even after the release of American Mulu, this picture has been created in the second week of the top spot. That's why, after the huge success of Bahubali, the huge demand for this huge amount of money is not unjustified, experts say. Within a few days, a picture of 'Sahu' will be seen in Prabhasake. There are plans to make a romantic picture.