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Smartwatch for the blind

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Smartwatch for the blind

A South Korean startup company has announced an exceptional smartwatch this year. Hand-wrinkled this smartwatch is meant for the eyesight.

According to the expectation of the company's founder and CEO Eric Junkon Kim, this year, one million units of smartwatch will come to the market.

Other smartwaves made for the visually impaired are generally dependent on audio. But Dot Smartwatch gives messages through the Braille characters on the screen.

Dot founder said this smartwatch is only the first step of the Braille devices made for the visually impaired. Especially for developing countries.

Dot has already made a deal with the Kenya government. According to the agreement, the Doon government will make eight thousand units of dot-mini. Dot-mini is a Braille Reader on Education.


The company has plans to work with dot-pad in the future. The dot-pad is an e-reader that will display different images and shapes through the buttons. As a result, learning of mathematics and fine arts will be much easier.

Potential customers are waiting for Dot Smartwatch for now. Smartwatch battery will run for seven days and its retail price is $ 299.