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6 Innovative use of technology in the city

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What should be a smart city? Many cities using smart technology are now being smart or better. Finding places for easy parking, avoiding traffic jams, getting help from emergency help, and having smart facilities. Let's know about the use of innovative technologies in some smart cities:

New York City City
New York City: Smart City New York is well-known. Trying to start from the cab rent to taxisba mobile. The city's taxi and limousine commission (TLC) is offering proposals from the software company. In other words, New York cab services will be smart cab-services. It can be used to pay cab rentals using the app.

Washington DCWashington DC
Washington DC: Where is the sound of bullets? Smart sensor technology is being used in this city. As the world's first city in Washington DC, Setspore named Sespeter. If it fired somewhere, it would indicate the location of the shot through sensor network. The police can be cautious.

Los Angeles Los Angeles
Los Angeles: Smart technology is used for easy parking in Los Angeles. Sensors have been installed in the parking lots, which can show the location of the parking space by connecting with mobile apps. Los Angeles Park is one such project in Los Angeles. Here the wireless sensor is being used.

Rio de Janeiro di Djerno
Rio de Janeiro: It has everything to watch or watch with real time or events. Rio Operations Center has been built in Rio, which allows all city events to be monitored in real time. It is initially used to monitor the weather, but it is being used to monitor the state of emergency.

San Francisco Francisco Franciscan
San Francisco: In the city, the car owners have been charged to charge their electric cars at no cost. There are several EV charging stations in the city.

Amsterdam Amsterdam
Amsterdam: Familiar to Amsterdam for many city projects. One of them is Clayette Street. The city has launched the project to provide smart shopping on Smart Street. Along with the use of low power, environmentally friendly shopping, there are many issues related to the smart city project. References: Business Insider.