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Smartphone charging rules

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Each battery has a specific duration. Smartphone Battery Its battery life depends on the type of smartphone usage. In this case, mobile phone charging system and charger type play an important role. As long as the mobile phone charging all night, the life expectancy decreases in the long term. On the other hand, using cheap chargers can cause smartphone and battery disaster. Many times the explosion may occur. Find out some smartphones charging tips:

All time its own charger
Use your own charger, especially the real charger with the phone when charging a smartphone. Many USB chargers can support micro USB port on the smartphone. But without the use of the original charger, the ability to keep battery charge slowly decreased.

Do not tell cheap chargers
Beware of using unfamiliar manufacturer-made chargers. Because no such security system is used in such a charger. There may be extra charge or phone on the phone. Both the phone and the battery can be damaged if there are problems with the adapter.

Keep the protection case open during the charge
Many people use casing for additional protection of phones. But while charging it is good to keep the casing open. Normally the battery is slightly warm when charging the phone. But when the phone is hot, the heat stops the phone becomes hot.

Accelerated charge is not advantageous
Chargers that are charging at all times are not convenient. Be careful to use a fast charger to keep battery good. High speed charger sends high voltages to the phone's battery, which increases the speed of the temperature. Can charge in normal charging mode.

The whole night is not charge
It is not okay to charge the phone all night long. Additional charge damage the battery.

Third party battery apps
Many people use mobile party apps to run the battery for a long time. To stop the battery, use these apps to stop. Many applications have an impact on the battery because it is turned on in the background.

Put 80 percent of the phone charge
Whenever you charge, at least 80% of battery charge will be paid. There is no such thing that we have to complete 100 percent charge all the time.

Do not end all the charges
Do not charge again on smartphones with charging up to 20 percent. Repeated and unnecessary recharge decreases battery life. Do not completely remove the battery charge. It also decreases battery life.

Power Bank to stop the shot-circuit
Power banks can use the voltage fluctuation, shot-circuit, which can prevent additional charges. Do not use smartphones in connection with Power Bank. The smartphone is more hot and the battery is damaged.