Messi's lost brother!

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Messi's lost brother!
In a very young age, two brothers were separated from each other by traveling around the fair. After many days they are seen again. The story of the story is very similar in view of the movie But what happens in the real or what happens? Lionel Messi is also one of the best footballers of the period?

Many people will sit on the grounds of ganjakhuri. But one man was found to be exactly like Messi in Iran. There is so much similarity between the two faces that there is no way to say that Messi is the real man. As well as standing, I think that the two twin brothers!

The gentleman's name, Rija Prestige, who looks exactly like Messi. Although he could not play football, he was very fond of the game. And to see the game of the Argentine star Messi that he often sat in front of television is no longer saying. After the goal of Messi celebrating, he also excited the two hands for a while.

He went on the streets of Iran to hear Messi Messi from many he heard Messi. Many people came back and took shelf with him. And after publishing that picture, there is no way to really understand that taking the photo with the real Messi or with the fake Messi.

In 2016, Messi started to have a beard suddenly. At that time he described it as a symbol of good fortune. Then, after the year of Copa America, the hairdresser also made gold-colored colors, one of the best footballers of the period. Since then, Messi's appearance is exactly the same with Rija Prestige. Everyone started calling Riza to Messi.

Messi started to have a beard suddenly