Ronaldo record, Ronaldo record!

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Ronaldo record, Ronaldo record!

Cristiano Ronaldo took Real Madrid to one of the Champions League finals in a great hat-trick His hat-trick against Atletico Madrid, his goal in Europe's best fight was 103. Ronaldo (second-placed Lionel Messi's 94), who scored the most goals in the Champions League, also made himself the most successful hat-trick (7) against Atletico. Here he is jointly with Lionel Messi. Messi's hat-trick in the Champions League is 7.

Ronaldo has the highest score in the history of the Champions League as well as the highest score in the history of the tournament. There are the highest -49 Avens goals. He scored 52 goals in the knockout stage with the highest goal of the game. Ronaldo scored 51 goals in the group stage. He has also been the top scorer of the tournament five times.

As the first player in the history of the Champions League, he won the hat-trick in consecutive matches. He scored a hat-trick against Bayern Munich in the second round of the quarter-finals. Ronaldo scored 13 goals in the semifinals as the single player. Which is two more than Alfredo de Stefano.

Know a fun information, at the same time, Ronaldo's goal in the Champions League, more than the team of Atletico Madrid!