Ronaldo's son made a great hat-trick

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Father is the world football superstar. The little boy is probably also on the same side. At this age it is astonishing to see his football feat. Style is very much like a father.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored hat-trick in the last two matches of the Champions League. Alastiko scored a hat-trick against Madrid on Tuesday

Won the match. Cristiano Ronaldo Junior!

Recently Ronaldo published the video of this work in Instagram. Watching the video is to take the shelf; Like his superstar, his son is becoming a great explorer. The poor goalkeeper is shocked after his goal! Ronaldo said in the caption below the video, "I'm proud of my son!"

A few days ago, the free kick-taking video of Cristiano Junior was spreading on the Internet. The boy saw the father's shadow in front of the video. Now maybe the football world is going to get another Ronaldo in the future.