The request of the Prime Minister, yet Maula Mallyani Maulaffei

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina requested Mashrafe Bin Mortaza to review her retirement decision on April 7 last. Masani's mind is passing through a month. Of course, Mash has said that he never returns to T-20 cricket again.

"I have no intention of returning to T-Twenty. I am enjoying one-day cricket. In ODIs, we got number 7 from number 10 very fast. I spent a big step. It's possible only for everyone's great performance. Want to continue one-day cricket. As long as I can play one day.

The idea of ​​retirement in sports is not something new. Some have retracted it even after several retirements. The breakdown of football is seen as a result of the breakdown. England cricketer Andrew Flintoff, Pakistan all-rounder Shahid

Legendary Michael Phelps, from start of Afridi, has returned to the field after the last retirement of Martina Hingis, Argentina's superstar Lionel Messi has been widely discussed.

Most of the players were requested by the head of state to return. The president of Argentina was embroiled in the retirement of Messi. To return to Messi, President Maurice Masri personally talked to him on the phone. Messi returns to football after two weeks of retirement However, after meeting Messi's retirement, Argentina's new coach Boucher will meet him.

After retirement, there are human activities in different parts of the country to return to Mashrafe. Mash worshiping through social media The same thing was said in the mouth of all, 'Miss you Captain in Twenty Twenty.' But Mashrafe did not respond to the wishes of the fans or the Prime Minister's call. Often media activists talked with Mashrafik There are numerous questions to know about retirement breakdown. But Mashrafe did not swing from his decision. Gave a straight answer.

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza said that the format of the game was farewell to Sri Lanka's first T-20 series in the series. In 2006, Mashrafe joined the T20 squad against Zimbabwe. Since then, it has played 54 T20 matches. 42 wickets in hand

377 runs in 39 innings with bat The unbeaten was 11 times. Mashrafe led the Bangladesh team in 28 matches in T20. Red-green country under his leadership won 10 matches. Which is the highest achievement of any Bangladeshi captain as captain.