Kohli plays India like Australia!

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Not too long, just a month ago. The slogging and fragmentation all the 'war' combined with the India-Australia series got another dimension. Virat Kohli and his team have been criticized for their very aggressive mentality. Kohli's comment after the series gave the question of sportsmanship mentality, when Kohli said that he can not think of most Australian cricketers as 'friends'!

Surprisingly, this mindset of Kohli has inspired Steev Smith Smith, who led from the front of the Super Kings in the IPL, said that offensive Kohli playing India or playing like Australia!
India's aggressive attitude, not discounting one point, this is the Australian cricket brand! Usually Australia plays such aggressive moods. Smith said, "India is playing with this mentality now. They now try to play very aggressive. It is believed, it is the effect of the mighty. I think this is a great way to play cricket. Now there is a change in the style of playing in India. They are now very aggressive in the field and have a lot of "punching" on the field. It makes fun. '
Not that Australia has changed its way of playing in India because of the offensive. Smith's eyes are still in the offensive cricket of Australia, "Australia's cricket has not changed much. We always try to play fast and positive cricket. We always try to control the game, try to rejoice. He always tried to stay positive all the time. '
But Smith did not want to repeat the incident two months before playing aggressive cricket. Smith himself admitted that the whole thing was a lot more extreme, 'I really do not want to talk about it. They are now past. Occasionally emotions bring out your bad side, and international cricket is such. People learn from mistakes, improve from there. 'Source: Deccan Chronicles.